Donor InfographicDonor InfographicWe know how important it is to be able to afford your college education—it’s an investment unlike any other. That’s why we rely on financial support from alumni, donors, churches, corporations, and foundations to keep PLNU accessible and affordable for our students.

The donations from our generous and faithful supporters currently cover 26 percent of the actual cost to attend PLNU, saving students over $9,000 yearly or over $36,000 for those attending all four years. This means that students are only required to pay the remaining 74 percent of attendance costs, which can be found in the table below.  


2014-2015 Costs Per Semester Per Year
Tuition (12-17 units)* $14,875 $29,750
General Fee $300 $600
Room and Board** $4,675 $9,350
Total $19,850 $39,700
These figures do not include the cost of books, supplies, special fees, transportation, or personal expenses.
*Units in excess of 17 are $995 per unit; units less than 12 are $1,240 per unit.
**Based on a shared room and mid-priced meal plan.

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Financial Myths Busted

We're happy to set the record straight and put your mind at ease. Find out what we have to say about the top financial myths concerning tuition and costs.


MYTH 1: I won't be able to afford PLNU.

We’re committed to making PLNU affordable for all our students. In fact, 91 percent of PLNU students receive some type of financial aid, meaning the overwhelming majority of students are not left paying the full price. Do you have a stellar GPA and solid test scores? Then you may qualify for merit-based aid, which ranges from $8,000 a year to full tuition! Have a killer jump shot or a knack for debate? Take a look at our athletic, speech and debate, music, and other involvement scholarships. There are even scholarships available depending on your major, making the opportunities for free money all the more plentiful.

In addition to hundreds of scholarships, you’re likely eligible for federal grants, work-study, loans, or other financial aid opportunities. Since we accept all types of outside aid, any community, private or local scholarships or grants can be applied as well.

With all of the aid available and our commitment to work with you on finding a solution that fits your needs, we’re confident we can make PLNU an affordable and realistic option for you.


MYTH 2: I will graduate with a ton of debt.

We’d rather you graduate with a rich education and a ton of great experiences after four years, not crippling debt. Before we even consider loans, we’ll do everything we can to get you all the free aid—scholarships, grants, and endowments—we possibly can.

Having said that, we realize that loans are sometimes a necessary option for students considering college. Around 60 percent of all college students in the U.S. borrow money to pay for their education. If student loans are necessary, our Student Financial Services counselors will make sure that what you borrow is reasonable and comprises quality loans with the best interest rates. 


MYTH 3: I have to come from a low-income family to receive financial aid.

Most of the aid we offer to incoming freshmen is need-blind, meaning it’s given to students regardless of their financial situation. In fact, 81 percent of PLNU students receive aid that is need-blind. Last year, nearly half of our students received need-blind merit-based aid, which is determined solely by GPA and official SAT or ACT scores. In addition, we also offer a variety of involvement scholarships, which are based on participation in areas such as athletics, music, and debate. 

Even need-based aid is different at PLNU. You may file a FAFSA and receive no federal or state aid from the government, but still receive need-based aid from PLNU. We understand that need can be different when considering a private university, and we will do everything we can to make sure that need is met.


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