Group Visits

Group Visits

Group VisitsWe offer group visits to our campus for middle/high school, college, youth, and community groups. It's our goal to educate our group visitors on how to best prepare themselves as university candidates, both at PLNU and elsewhere.

Please read our Group Visit Learning Outcomes and Objectives and Group Visit Guidelines below for more information about Group Visits.

For any questions about the group visit experience, please contact us at (619) 849-2519.

Group Visit Learning Outcomes & Objectives

Group visitors to the University will:

  • Understand the value of a Christian Liberal Arts model of Higher Education 

  • Develop a general sense of PLNU campus life through interaction with student tour guides, (optional) lunch in the cafeteria, and interaction with the Admissions staff

  • Learn specifically about the PLNU application process

  • Gain an understanding of what criteria universities use to evaluate student desirability and leave with a clear picture of how to best prepare themselves as competitive university candidates

All Campus Visit interaction with Group visitors will:

  • Facilitate positive relationships with secondary educational institutions throughout California and beyond

  • Highlight the value of a Christian Liberal Arts model of Higher Education

  • Emphasize the importance of higher education in general


Group Visit Guidelines

We are excited to welcome your group to our campus and wish to provide you with a positive and educational group visit experience. We strive to educate our group visitors on how to best prepare themselves as competitive university candidates, both at PLNU and elsewhere, as outlined in our Group Visit Learning Outcomes & Objectives.

Scheduling your visit:

  • We accept group visit requests from middle/high school, college, and youth and community groups.

  • We are not able to accommodate groups larger than 100 students.

  • We require at least 4 weeks’ notice when scheduling group visits to Point Loma Nazarene University. Last minute requests cannot be accommodated.

  • All group visits must be scheduled online through our Group Visit Interest form.

  • Tours are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. By placing a request online, you are not registering for a tour. Your tour is not confirmed until you are sent a confirmation email by our visit staff.

  • Group tours are ONLY scheduled on weekdays at either of our two tour times, 11:00a or 2:00p. We cannot offer weekend or evening tours.

  • We offer groups a discounted rate of $5/person for lunch in our cafeteria, which includes a buffet style lunch. Lunch is only served between the hours of 11-1:30p. If you are planning to purchase lunch passes for your group, you must notify Admissions in advance and purchase them through our office (payment will be processed in the Admissions Office upon arrival). *We accept cash, check, or credit – but we request one form of payment. If students bring cash, it must be collected and counted PRIOR to arrival. We cannot provide refunds to groups if the number of students changes unexpectedly.

  • A final head count of students must be submitted no less than one week prior to your visit. We will use this number to reserve lunch passes. If your numbers change in any way, please keep us posted. 

  • Each group must have at least one adult chaperone for every 15 students. Chaperones must be provided by your school/organization. Chaperones are responsible for the care and discipline of students while on campus. We ask that groups be respectful of our students, our student tour guides, and all other members of the PLNU community. Chaperones must stay with the group at ALL TIMES during their visit to campus.


  • Due to the size of our campus, there is absolutely no bus parking on campus. All buses must drop students off at the designated drop-off zones and then find parking off-campus.

  • Groups must arrive on campus at the scheduled time. Due to liability issues, groups that arrive early cannot be accommodated until the scheduled time of the tour. 

  • If a group is running late, the group contact person MUST contact our Campus Visit Coordinator Megan Sisk at (619) 849-2519.

  • If we do not receive notice and your group is more than 20 minutes late, we will cancel your tour.

During the tour:

  • Chaperones must stay with the group at ALL TIMES during their visit to campus. Chaperones must accompany each group of students during the tour. Chaperones are responsible for keeping students quiet, attentive, and respectful during the tour.

  • All students MUST stay with their designated tour groups. Students are not to wander off around campus on their own.

  • To respect our student tour guides and give your students the most educational visit, cell phones and other electronics are NOT to be used during the tour.


Schedule a visit today and see what makes PLNU so unique.

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