High School Seniors

Are you a high school senior interested in attending PLNU? Then you’re in the right place! We’re here to walk you through the simple application process, answer any questions you may have, and get you one step closer to starting your PLNU experience.


Early Action
Deadline: November 15
Notification is mailed mid-December
General Admission
Deadline: February 15
Notification is mailed mid-to-late March



We understand that your application is not only a reflection of you as a student; it’s a reflection of you as a person. That’s why we are committed to reviewing your application thoroughly and giving it the individual care and attention it deserves. We believe you have more to offer than just a GPA or test score, which is why there is no numeric formula that determines admittance. Rather, we use a holistic evaluation approach to determine whether you are a good fit for PLNU. You may be the person we’re looking for in our next incoming class, so we encourage you to apply, even if you’re unsure of your qualifications.

To be considered for admission into PLNU, you must have a complete application, including high school transcripts, SAT or ACT scores, and two letters of recommendation. You also have the option of conducting an interview with your admissions counselor.


  Apply using our online application (or the Common App application. You do not need to submit both.)

  Submit two letters of recommendation (one academic and one spiritual)

  Pay the $55 application fee online or by mail

  Request an official copy of your transcripts to be mailed or electronically submitted from your high school. If taking college courses, submit an official “in progress” transcript from the college.

  Submit SAT and/or ACT scores

  OPTIONAL: Request an admissions interview (strongly recommended)

For more specific information, refer to our Application Checklist.


Still have questions? Our admissions counselors are here to help.

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Is an interview mandatory?

Interviews are not required, but are strongly recommended. Call (800) 733-7770 or refer to our campus visit page to schedule an interview.


I'm confused about the SAT—are you looking at the Old SAT or the current SAT?

Great question. Read more about PLNU's policy regarding Old and New SAT scores here.


Can I get college credit for taking AP tests?

Yes, our transfer credit site offers an AP Guide, which outlines what scores are accepted from incoming students. Also listed on this site are our transfer agreements with local community colleges and our General Education Transfer Guide—these can help you determine which community college classes will transfer to PLNU.


What if I've taken college credits while I've been in high school?

College credits earned while in high school can transfer to PLNU. If you are admitted to PLNU and choose to attend, you need to send your official college or university transcripts before July 1 of the year you're planning to attend. From there, your courses will be evaluated so PLNU credit can be assigned. Almost any introductory or general education class can be applied for credit at PLNU.


What's the "Optional Piece" in the application?

We want your application to be a reflection of you. While we ask that all of our students submit at least one of the two short essays prompted on the application, an optional piece can be submitted in place of the second
essay. Set up a profile on Zeemee.com, and get creative! You can upload a video, a photo collage, pieces of your original art, your soccer reel, an essay that you're especially proud of, a playlist of your favorite songs...whatever you submit to tell us more about yourself, we'll be excited to review!


What if I'm planning on doing ROTC?

PLNU serves a crosstown affiliate for ROTC programs with with Navy, Marines, Army, and Air Force. If you are planning on doing ROTC and are currently a high school senior, the process for applying to PLNU is exactly the same as for non-ROTC students. Simply follow the application instructions above to apply to PLNU. To learn more about applying to a ROTC program, see the listings below:

Consortium with local San Diego universities
Official website: www.navy.com/navy
Local website: www.sandiego.edu/nrotc

Cross-town affiliate with San Diego State University
Official website: www.goarmy.com/rotc.html
Local website: www.armyrotc.com/edu/sandiego/index.htm

Air Force
Cross-town affiliate with San Diego State University
Official website: www.afrotc.com
Local website: http://det075.com

For more information, call (619) 849-2273.



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