About the Honors Program

PLNU’s Humanities Honors Program is an opportunity for intellectually and spiritually dedicated students to take their education to a deeper level. It’s a chance to challenge yourself, strengthen your critical thinking, and deepen your faith in a supportive setting alongside like-minded individuals.

Grounded in Christian thought and the Wesleyan tradition, this program is designed to equip you with knowledge and experience for living out your faith in the world today. Woven throughout the rigorous intellectual content of the Honors Program are real-world opportunities for service and cultural enrichment.

We’re looking for young scholars who are interested in the connection between their learning and life, who wish to pursue their vocations as opportunities to serve God and who want to make a difference in the university, their homes, their churches and the larger world.

Explore yourself, your faith, and your world

Explore yourself, your faith, and your world

Your classes will challenge you in the areas of critical reading, thinking, writing, and speech. You will be able to apply the knowledge you gain to your life, your community, and to the world around you as you grow intellectually and spiritually.

Become a Global Christian

Become a Global Christian

You will become equipped to live in an increasingly multicultural world. This program is not for future scholars and leaders who happen to be Christians, but for Christians whose calling is to go out and serve Christ in the world as scholars and leaders. You will have the opportunity to put this into practice through tangible acts of service and immerse yourself in another culture as you study abroad.

Equipped to answer life's big questions

Equipped to answer life's big questions

You will have the chance to explore your calling within the context of a vibrant Christian community, and will be equipped to address life’s big questions from a uniquely Christian perspective.

Program Model

  • You will work with a cohort of similarly dedicated students

  • Honors courses will replace some General Education courses during the first and second years

  • Study Abroad at end of Spring semester of first year

  • Honors integrative seminar the third year

Program Prerequisites 

  • Incoming first year student

  • Admitted to PLNU

  • Merit Scholar

  • Intended major in Humanities, Social Sciences, or Undecided

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Jim Daichendt, Program Director
Dean, College of Arts and Humanities



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