Katie Hart

Katie Hart

Katie Hart


Where do you consider your Hometown?

Pasadena, California.

What did you study in college?

Interior design.

What is your advice for students visiting campus?

Make the most of your visit! In addition to touring our beautiful campus, attend a class, or meet with a professor in your department of interest. And if possible, plan a time to stay overnight. Staying in the dorms will give you a sense of what life is like on campus, and what you can expect here at PLNU.

What's your favorite free time activity?

I love going to farmer’s markets—Little Italy is my favorite! I also love exploring all the cool San Diego neighborhoods, painting, and cooking/baking new recipes.

What does everyone visiting San Diego HAVE to do?

Eat Mexican food. There are so many amazing options!! My current favorites are Miguel’s, Barrio Star, El Camino, and Mama Testa’s.